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Elevating Breakfast Innovation

Pioneering the Future of Breakfast

Omaiko's Protein Ingredient is an innovative solution for New product developments within the breakfast cereal industry, designed to enhance nutritional and protein values.

Key Advancements for Your Cereals:

Enhanced Protein Enrichment: Experience a 5X increase in protein content, unlocking new nutritional possibilities within breakfast cereals.

Reduced Carbohydrates and Sugars: While enhancing the interplay of texture and flavor, Omaiko's Protein Ingredient seamlessly fuses culinary delight with health-conscious choices.

Flavor and Texture: Omaiko's protein offers a subtle flavor featuring delicate cocoa and nut undertones, perfectly suited for both sweet and savory profiles addressing the growing need for protein and nutritional value while preserving desirable flavor and texture attributes.

Discover the Future of Breakfast – Elevate with Omaiko's Protein Ingredient.

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