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 PROTEIN that behaves like CARBS 



The Future of Protein Enriched Foods

30% of carb-based food manufacturers (bakery, snacks, cereals, pasta, etc.) are leading a nutritional revolution. Protein enriched products are rapidly populating supermarket aisles, and consumers are eagerly adapting to this new convenient and indulgent way to cover protein needs. 

The challenge?

Proteins clash with carbs causing undesirable texture and bitter flavor in protein enriched foods.

Introducing Omaiko's Protein

Omaiko's innovative solution taps into the potential of microalgae, creating a transformative ingredient, that empowers you to craft food experiences that are both delicious and nutritionally superior.

Protein naturally encapsulated in a protective layer of carbs, allows seamless protein enrichment of your carb-based products without compromising on texture and flavor.

Protein encapsulated in Carbs

Protein encapsulated in carbs

Golden-brown color

Mild earthy flavor

Omaiko's protein ingredient


Increase Protein


60% high-quality protein and

blends seamlessly at high

inclusion levels.

Decrease Carbs


Omaiko's starch-like properties

allow for a significant replacement

of your carbohydrates.


Same texture

Keep your products

just the way you like them!

Smooth - Moist - Fluffy - Firm


No extraction

No solvents

No processing


125 x less land

8 x less water

than soy protein

No bitterness

Experience Omaiko's flavors

with no added sugar!


Not just protein!

+ Vitamins (B12, B9, and more)

+ Minerals (Fe, Mg, and more)


Price competitive

with conventional proteins

like whey, soy, and pea.

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